Five Fabulous Days at Oakdene Forest Park

During half term we packed up the car and headed out for another staycation…

I don’t like driving for too long in a day, so we broke up the journey with a stop at the Winchester Science Centre which was amazing!


If you are ever nearby and looking for something to do, I can’t recommend this place highly enough. Both our boys loved it (5 and nearly 2) and we could have easily spent the whole day there.

We arrived at Oakdene Forest Park just after check in time and quickly found our way to our caravan.

It was a lovely caravan and the boys took no time at all to get settled in!

There was everything on site including a small supermarket and a lovely restaurant that served breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also have a great pool, with a flume. I lost count of the times we went down the flume – lots of fun!

We were keen to get out and about and explore the local area. But there was so much to do on site, that you could easily spend your days happily there.

I was impressed with the range of onsite entertainment including the Go Active +  activities. The archery is on my eldest’s wishlist for  our next visit!

During the week we visited some lovely attractions…

Bournemouth Aviation Museum 

New Forest Wildlife Park

Paultons Park

Wimborne Model Village and Gardens

Each one was very different, but just as enjoyable!

The hidden gem for us, was probably the aviation museum. It looked so unassuming, but as soon as the boys walked out on to the field, their eyes just lit up. They just loved exploring all the different planes and vehicles.

As we walked in to Wimborne Model Village, we realised that we had been here before…pre children! It was lovely to visit it again with our crazy two in tow.

Our eldest enjoyed the Halloween quiz – got my brain working too! This attraction was another one (like the aviation museum) that had such a wonderful feel to it – you could tell that it was a loved place by all who worked and volunteered there.

Our visit to the New Forest Wildlife Park was on our way home, and was a wonderful way to finish our holiday. The boys liked exploring the park and following the paths to spot different animals. But they loved the adventure play areas and children’s playground/sand pit. It was a struggle to get them to leave!

 We didn’t tell our eldest about going to Paultons Park until the morning that we were going – which was wise because he was so excited!

I was very impressed with the park  – which is so much more than Peppa Pig World. With a nearly 2 year old and a 5 year old, we were a bit concerned as to whether there would be enough for both of them.

We shouldn’t have worried – it was the perfect place for them! The range of rides is fantastic and the boys had a wonderful time.

We’ll definitely be returning.

And we’ll definitely be returning to the area too – we want to go back to the Bournemouth Aviation Museum, and there were so many other places that we didn’t get the chance to see.


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