Charity letters from Santa


If you haven’t organised a letter from Santa yet,

and you’d like one to arrive in the post that you haven’t written,

then why not order one from a charity?

It is a win-win situation.

You get a fab letter in the post for your little one (or not so little one)

and you donate to a deserving charity.

Here are a few suggestions…


Suggested donation of £5 per letter, but you can donate more or less then that.

Santa Letter.png

Letters from Santa in partnership with the RSPCA has been supporting the RSPCA with their letters from Santa since 2014.

Santa Letter.png

Diabetes UK

£2.00 from every letter sold goes to Diabetes UK.

And you don’t just get a letter with this order – you get a letter, an activity pack, a certificate, a photo and a free text.

Santa Letter.png


We’ve missed the deadline for receiving a letter from Santa through the RNIB.

But you can organise an email from Santa still.

No fixed donation amount here, you just donate through their fundraising page.

Santa Letter.png

Let us know when your letters arrive in the comments section!

Main image from where you can download a free template of the letterhead shown.



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