Dick Whittington at the Marlowe is ‘Paw-some’!

We’ve been going to the Marlowe Theatre Pantomime for the last 15 years and it has never disappointed.

It is always hilarious.

Always enchanting.

Always spectacular.

And this year, the production of Dick Whittington, was no exception.

We loved Mister Maker (aka Phil Gallagher) from the last three years.

So we did miss him this year (we hope it’s going well in Sheffield this year, and that they are enjoying the Gillingham FC references!).

But Stephen Mulhern was a great addition to the cast.


His magic tricks were brilliant.

The kind of brilliant where you look over at your 5 year old and he is dumbfounded.

(As was I!)

Ben Roddy is just wonderful as the Pantomime Dame.


You just know that Dave Lee is watching on and laughing away.

The scene this year on the rocking ship is simply inspired,

and the partnership between Ben Roddy and Lloyd Hollet is just so funny.

I haven’t laughed out loud so much in a long time.

Actually, it was probably during the pantomime last year!

Ben Carruthers has returned to the show this year in the starring role as Dick Whittington.whittington.jpg

He has adjusted well from a prince (Prince Charming no less) to a mere pauper this year.

But the whole cast a wonderful.

It is such an amazing production.

Thank you for entertaining us all for another year.


We can’t wait for Peter Pan in 2017!

* * *

We’d like to thank the Marlowe Theatre for  inviting us to see the show.



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