Experiencing Fire! Fire! at The Museum of London

My eldest is learning about the Fire of London at school.

Before half term I was regularly regaled with facts about the fire.

“Mummy, did you know the fire started in a bakery?”

“Mummy, they think only 6 people died in the fire.”

When we saw an advert for the Fire! Fire! experience at The Museum of London we knew we had to go!

So, a day trip was organised.

We drove to Ebbsfleet International Station and then 19 minutes later we arrived at St Pancras.

A quick trip on the Northern Line got us to Bank.

It was a really easy journey 🙂

We’ve not been to The Museum of London before.


We shouldn’t have waited so long – it was brilliant!

It’s packed full of interesting exhibits spanning millions of years.

But it was the Fire! Fire! exhibition that was a the big hit.


Both my boys loved it.

Walking through the streets over 1666 towards the infamous bakery, their excitement grew!

There was just so much for them to touch, see and hear.

It was fab!

What really impressed me was that both my 2yr old and 5yr old were equally entertained.

And there were older children there too who were clearly enjoying it.

It is such a well thought out exhibition.

Well worth a visit!


Thank you to The Museum of London for organising for us to see the exhibition.



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