Medieval Fun at The Canterbury Tales


Yesterday we were invited to the Medieval Story Garden launch at The Canterbury Tales.

The boys (5 and 2) were both very excited!

Before heading to the garden, we were also treated to the tour of the tales.

Time travelling over 600 years was easier than expected…it was as simple as stepping through a door!

Our initial guide set the scene brilliantly and then left us with our audio guides to listen to pilgrim’s tales on our journey from London to Canterbury.


As we journeyed across the country, our audio guides (both grown up and child versions) kept us entertained.


Afterwards, we ventured to the story garden.

We were greeted by a friendly knight ready to train up his latest group of squires.

Both of our boys had great fun practising their sword skills.

Our littlest had fun exploring the medicinal garden…and preparing a secret concoction!

There was also a story telling tent and a maypole for adventurous dancers (young and old).

It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

We’d definitely recommend it – a fab way to learn about Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and to get some hands on experience of being a knight.

It’s also a lovely garden to spend time it…


…a little hidden gem.




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