Roaring with the Dinosaurs at Jurassic Kingdom!

Today we carried on with our time travelling expeditions but ventured to the Jurassic period via Osterley Park


Our youngest has been talking about seeing the ‘dydosors’ of Jurassic Kingdom to whoever will listen to him for the last few days.

The excitement in the car was palpable as we drove through the gate of the National Trust property that was hosting the prehistoric beasts.

We arrived just before 10 and the traffic and parking was a doddle…if you’re arriving later in the day you may need to leave extra time due to the popularity of the event and the busy roads around Osterley.

Osterley Park holds a special place in my heart as I grew up nearby and many a happy Sunday afternoon was spent there over the years.


So, we knew the setting was going to be beautiful.

And it didn’t disappoint.

It’s a super location to go to anyway, but it was particularly impressive with the dinosaurs nestled in the grounds.

If you’ve got a dinosaur fan in the family, they will love it.

It isn’t a cheap day out, but both my boys had such a great time.

After we left the prehistoric past and returned to present day, we stopped for lunch in the old stables at Osterley Park.


Which was lovely.

And to finish off our trip out we had an ice-cream from a stall run by South Street Coffee and Ice Cream Shop, who are in nearby Isleworth.

The little boy ahead of us dropped his ice cream as he walked away, and without needing to be asked, the lovely lady at the stall replaced it for him.

We thought this was so kind.

Made us feel all smiley 🙂

We had a super day – thank you to Jurassic Kingdom for inviting us along!

A few tips…

  • take a pushchair if you’re in two minds about whether you’ll need one. The walk is buggy friendly, and my littlest got quite tired towards the end.
  • pack snacks or a lunch to take with you. There are lots of suitable places to stop for a break.
  • if you’re not heading over first thing, leave plenty of time as the traffic in the roads around Osterley Park got quite heavy.



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