Easter Treasure Hunt Fun at Home


It feels like it has been coming for ages (I’m sure I saw my first Easter Egg of 2017 just after Christmas!)…but Easter weekend is finally here

We’re off to Walmer Castle tomorrow for their Easter Adventure Quest (our English Heritage membership has been well used over the holidays!).

But I wanted to do our own mini treasure hunt at home too.

I picked up a pack of mini chocolate rabbits and some chocolate lollies from Aldi last time I was in, and this year the boys have got some little non-chocolate treats too.


Normally, I do a hunt in the garden.

But this year, we’re going to do one around the house.

So, I put my rhyming skills to work and came up with some clues…

easter clues

Feel free to print/edit them to use at home:

The Easter Bunny helped us with this treasure trail.

Look for your next clue where the postman delivers our mail.

Well done you found this second clue – before you know it you’ll be through!

When you get tired and head up to bed, look for the next clue where you lay down your head.

You’re doing so well, the Easter Bunny thinks you’re swell.

Let’s look for the next clue without any grumbling; head to the place you look when your tummy is rumbling.

Wow you found that one so speedily,

the Bunny hid your next clue where the cat likes to eat greedily.

Last night we caught the Easter Bunny watching cartoons.

He hid your last clue where we keep the spoons.

Hooray! You found the final clue.

Look for your special Easter treats where there is lots of shampoo!


Happy Easter everyone – have a lovely weekend!



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