Stargazing at the Royal Observatory

For the Easter weekend, we travelled up to Greenwich (surprisingly easily as it is just straight up the A2!) for the day to go to the Royal Observatory.

Our eldest is learning about space, so we thought this would be the perfect start to his new topic at school.

And it was definitely worth the drive!

A 50 minute drive and a short walk from the National Maritime Museum Car Park and we were in outer space!

The planetarium show was simply brilliant.

Leaning back in our chairs, looking up at the solar system was a little bit magical…

for the grown ups and children alike.

The man leading our expedition was great.

He set the scene perfectly and got us all engaged straight away.

We also had fun exploring the rest of the Observatory.

Lots of interactive elements for the boys to play with!

As we’d parked by the National Maritime Museum, we popped in there afterwards and were blown away.

It was amazing!

The children’s areas were just perfect.

So much for them to see and do…

and all for free!

We’ll definitely be going back.

* * *

Thank you to the Royal Observatory for inviting us to see the Space Safari – have a look at all the other Planetarium shows available here.

Planning a day out in Greenwich? Check out the lovely Mumsnet Local Greenwich site for more ideas.


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