Dinosaurs at The Marlowe!

This morning we excitedly arrived at The Marlowe in Canterbury to see their current show ‘Dinosaur World‘.

Sitting in our seats waiting for the show to start, the excitement was building!

Hundreds of other dinosaur enthusiasts (young and old I suspect) surrounded us.

As the show started, the lights didn’t dim, which was good for the little ones (the show is suitable for 3+, and our 2 1/2 yr old was fine too).

Miranda appeared on stage and started to give us the back story – my boys were hooked immediately!

Each dinosaur was engagingly introduced and some lucky children from the audience were invited up to meet each one. For all those who weren’t picked though, they could meet a couple of the dinosaurs after the show.

It was an excellent production – the auditorium was filled with gasps and laughs throughout.

If you’ve got a dinosaur enthusiast in the house, then I can highly recommend it. Tickets are still available for the final two perfmances tomorrow.

Click here for more information about Dinosaur World at The Marlowe.

* * *

Thank you to The Marlowe for inviting us along to see the show.


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