A Perfect Panto – Peter Pan at The Marlowe

Last weekend we were invited along to The Marlowe to see this year’s Panto – Peter Pan.

We were obviously super excited!

We look forward to seeing their panto every year.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a trip to The Marlowe.

Each year I wonder whether they will be able to make me laugh as much as the previous panto.

And each year I do.

Ben Roddy and Lloyd Hollett didn’t even need to say anything and I was already laughing.

Ben’s costume designer must have had so much fun this year.


Some of those outfits were catwalk worthy!

The cast this year is a powerful one. Shaun Williamson has a great presence on stage as Hook and I really enjoyed his musical numbers.

I never thought I’d find myself singing along to Shaun Williamson singing Taylor Swift.


The genius who put that together deserves an award!

Wendi Peters was, as you would imagine, a superstar on the stage.

So many great accents!


And such a powerful voice!

There were treats in store for the younger viewers too, with Gemma Hunt and Samantha Dorrance from CBeebies and David Ribi from Milkshake.

Jo Osmond, who played Tinkerbell, was also great. She played the sassy fairy perfectly.


My favourite Tinkerbell yet!

And it wasn’t just the singers and actors that made this show so wonderful.

As in previous years, the production has included other acts.

This year we were lucky enough to watch The Black Eagles on stage.


Their acrobatic feats drew many an ooh and ahh from the crowd!

A clear indication of this show’s brilliance, was that each time the lights dimmed slightly, my 6 year old son turned to me with a terrified look on his face…

“Has it finished?” He asked (numerous times).

And each time that I replied, “No, no yet!”, the sense of relief was palpable.

If you get a chance to see the show, you must. You really must.

You will smile and laugh more than you have in ages.

And you will leave the theatre feeling a lot happier.

You’ll want to see it again!

I want to see it again!

And I can’t wait for next year with the return of Phil Gallagher (Mister Maker) in Cinderella!

* * *

Photos by Paul Clapp


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