Have you shuffled yet? It could make you happier.

I love giving presents – I get lots of pleasure from choosing things I think people would like. I also love getting post. That ‘thud’ on the doormat after the delivery has arrived is a great sound! So when I learned about The Big British Clothes Shuffle (a new Facebook group) I knew it would…


Is a stress-free dinner time possible?

I remember being so pleased that my eldest son seemed to be happy to pretty much eat anything. We’d go out for dinner and he’d either have something from our plate or the kid’s option. And then something happened! It felt like overnight he became distrustful of the food I put in front of him.…


Photo Challenge: Grid

We’ve not taken part in The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge recently (summer holidays and starting school got in the way!) but we’re back on it now… The theme this week is “Grid”. I can see this trellis from our family room and it’s the space we spend the most time in. Our neighbour has…

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Meet Joey at the Tunbridge Wells Puppetry Festival!

Now there are lots of things I like about Tunbridge Wells…the Pantiles…the Forum (where I got to see Mumford and Sons before they become huge!)…but something or should I say someone is coming there in October which makes me love it! I’ve been a fan of Michael Morpurgo for many many years. His children’s book…


Top Tips for Starting School in September

My eldest son is starting school in a couple of weeks. His uniform is waiting patiently in his wardrobe and we’ve been practising different things to get him ready. Here is our list of the top things to get little ones ready for school… Practise taking off clothes and folding them ready for PE. They probably…


Photo Challenge: Creepy

Here is our photo for The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.” This photo takes on more significance if you were on holiday with me in Hastings last week and witnessed the fly by seagull attack!