A letter from Santa – which charity will you support?

The time to write to Santa has nearly arrived in our house.DSC_1134-2

And if we’re writing a letter, its nice to get a reply!

So with this in mind, I did a bit of research about letters from Santa which also supports a charity.

Here are three of my favourites…


With a suggested donation of £5 you can get a lovely letter from Santa and support the NSPCC. This year they’ve got a new illustrations and an added p.s message which is personalised.

Diabetes UK

For £4.99 (with £2.00 going to the charity) you can support Diabetes UK and you’ll get a letter, an activity pack, a certificate, a photo and a free text. The photo of the reindeer looks very cute!


Santa.co.uk are supporting the RSPCA with their letters from Santa. Starting at £4.99 for a letter, your child will receive a personal letter, door hanger and special north pole envelope. There are lots of added extras with this letter – cookie mix, elves and magic snow to name a few!  The amount that goes to the RSPCA starts at 40p, but rises depending on the order value. At the point of checkout, you are made aware of your donation amount.

★ ★ ★

I also found about about the partnership between the Disney Store and In Kind Direct – and although this isn’t a letter from Santa, I thought it was worth sharing…

In Kind Direct

For every letter written and sent in-store or online to Santa, the Disney Store will donate a Tigger soft toy to ‘In Kind Direct’, who will redistribute to local charities.

★ ★ ★

Have fun writing your letters!



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